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Maths...No Problem!

Maths - some people think it is like Marmite...and that you either LOVE it or hate it.  Personally I cannot see how the world we live in could exist without mathematics.  It gave us time and calendars, mobile phones, television, flight and a great many other discoveries!

Jo Boaler, at Standford University, has shown that pupils with a 'growth mindset' towards maths are more resilient, will persevere with problems for longer and ultimately enjoy maths more. Unfortunately, many adults and parents have a 'fixed mindset' towards maths and say things like, 'I am no good at Maths' or 'You either get Maths or you don't.' and that can be passed on to children. Let's learn to love Maths together and make the mathematicians of the future, here at Mont Nicolle School. 

If you are interested in developing your own Maths understanding Jo Boaler, a professor at Standford University in the USA, has researched Maths in the UK and the U.S.A. and talks at length at developing a Growth Mindset approach to helping your child with Maths. More details can be found at

Also her TedTalk at is worth watching. It is only 12 minutes long!

Maths at Mont Nicolle is now following the Maths No Problem scheme based on the Singapore Maths model. 
Here are some videos that you might find interesting as we learn more about how Maths has changed in the new curriculum.