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Mont Nicolle Primary School and Nursery

Mont Nicolle

Primary School & Nursery


At Mont Nicolle School we have a clear and simple vision: our children should be able to use technology positively, confidently, creatively and safely.

‘We are preparing children for jobs that have not yet been invented, in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.’ – Richard Riley (former US Secretary of Education)

Technology underpins today’s society and will play a pivotal role in each and every one of our children’s futures. The rate at which technology is advancing is unimaginable and the future is very much unknown; it is with this in mind that we aim to ensure that we are preparing our children to thrive, adapt and most importantly to be safe users of technology within an ever-changing digital world.

Through our discrete Computing lessons, by the end of KS2 we aim for our children to have the knowledge, understanding and the skills set needed to independently and confidently choose and use the best tool to fulfil any challenge they are set.

‘If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.’ John Dewey philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer.


Beyond our discrete Computing lessons, it is our aim to promote the use of technology to enrich, engage and extend learning across the whole curriculum. At Mont Nicolle School we use IT to empower our staff to work increasingly creatively and effectively, to provide our children with the opportunities to transform the way in which they learn; ensuring that they are active creators of technology and not simply just the consumers of what it currently has to offer.

Keeping abreast of IT with current initiatives and constantly adapting and developing how we teach and learn, is at the heart of ensuring that we are continually developing our children’s skill-set as technology invariably advances.