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Mont Nicolle Primary School and Nursery

Mont Nicolle

Primary School & Nursery


At Mont Nicolle we believe that Mathematics should be engaging, stimulating, progressive and should allow all pupils to develop Mastery in Mathematics. We have implemented the ‘Maths No Problem’ scheme of work from Y1 – Y6. This is a highly effective approach to teaching mathematics based on research and evidence. It provides challenge for all pupils and develops resilient learners. Teachers strive to provide high quality teaching which is interactive and built on prior learning. Lessons are engaging, often using concrete resources, technology and a cross curricular approach where appropriate.

Our mathematics lessons develop learners strong foundations which can then be applied in a variety of contexts. Mathematics is made relevant, engaging and interactive by placing it within real life contexts, therefore equipping the children with the necessary skills for later life, as well as the reasoning and thinking skills associated with solving problems. The heritage of Jersey and the Channel Islands is built upon a foundation of Mathematics; our maritime and farming history rely on elements of mathematical skills.

Staff teach and plan a rich curriculum and are actively engaged in helping children to acquire and develop mathematical language, skills, knowledge and understanding across the Mathematics curriculum. Children are taught to make an active contribution towards their own learning by developing the skills of independence, enquiry and reasoned problem solving. We strive for our pupils to develop a love of mathematics and a growth mindset in all their learning. This allows learners to be resilient, persistent and determined as they acquire new knowledge and skills in preparation for their future and employment in the wider world.