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Mont Nicolle Primary School and Nursery

Mont Nicolle

Primary School & Nursery

Our Curriculum Vision





 At Mont Nicolle School, the Jersey Curriculum is underpinned by our core values: Care, Believe and Succeed. We are a school where everyone is welcomed and cared for; efforts are valued; self-belief is nurtured, and our ambition is to be the best that we can be – these all make our school a special place to be.

We believe that all our pupils are entitled to the highest quality education. Our curriculum is designed to engage and to inspire; to challenge and support so that everyone can be the best they can be. We have high expectations of all and strive to create a caring, safe and happy learning environment inside the classroom and outdoors.  We are committed to promoting a growth mindset, empathy towards others and an understanding of our rich and diverse island community. We are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and choices so that our pupils develop physically, emotionally, spiritually and morally. We are determined that our pupils will enjoy personal successes and will develop as confident and highly responsible members of our community.
We do this by:

  • Raising achievement through high expectations and quality teaching that enthuses, inspires and motivates.
  • Ensuring all children develop high level skills in English and Mathematics.
  • Staff and pupils fostering pride in our local area and the curriculum offer. Heritage and future opportunities are woven into all aspects of our curriculum.
  • Eco values and school council work promoting a whole school culture of local and global responsibility.
  • Pupil voice being a fundamental aspect of our curriculum which enables our pupils to be articulate, to reason and discuss their own thinking and problem-solving.
  • Providing a challenging curriculum that develops resilient and independent learners
  • Having an open and welcoming school environment where everyone feels safe and included.
  • Valuing all stakeholders.
  • By being inclusive of all children and families.

Core Principles:

Our core principles of teaching for learning shape how we plan for learning, teach the children and build upon their learning year on year.

These are:

  • Knowledge and skills progression and clear learning outcomes are central to our curriculum design.
  • High quality, creative planning that challenges and supports all learners from their own starting point.
  • Learning is vivid, meaningful, engaging and challenging through a range experiences, trips, expert visitors and high-quality texts.
  • Questions and mistakes are central to learning and we encourage ‘growth mindsets’.
  • Make connections to deepen learning and apply in different contexts.
  • We have high expectations in everything we do and value excellence.
  • We take every opportunity to recognise and celebrate hard work, perseverance and success; our core values are a common language.
  • Children learn how to respond to feedback and understand how to make progress in their learning.
  • Everyone works hard and embraces all learning opportunities.
  • Our school community embraces diversity - there are no outsiders.
  • A passion for making a difference in the world however big or small.
  • We model positive, trusting relationships.
  • Every child feels valued, confident, happy and safe.
  • Everyone plays a very important role in school life and community.


All pupils study the Jersey Curriculum; a broad range of subjects are taught including English, Maths, Science, Physical Education, Computing, Design and Technology, Art, History, Religious Education, Geography and PSHE. Many of these subjects are delivered through a cross-curricular approach, where relevant, to make learning meaningful and to provide opportunities to transfer skills across the curriculum. Underpinning each subject, children are taught essential knowledge and progression of skills over the course of their time in Primary School.