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Mont Nicolle Primary School and Nursery

Mont Nicolle

Primary School & Nursery

Our Staff


Headteacher          Mr. John Baudains
Deputy Headteacher  Mr. Mark Oliver
Foundation Stage Coordinator Miss Nicole Le Miere
Key Stage One Coordinator Mr. Mark Oliver
Key Stage Two Coordinator Miss. Rebecca Harrison
SENCO: Mrs. Sue Haine
Nursery Teacher      Miss Nicole Le Miere
Reception  Teacher Mrs. Lisa Evans
Year 1 (DM)       Mrs. Debbie Manners/Mrs. Rebecca Elias-Rees
Year 1 (MM)   Mrs. Miranda Michel
Year 2    Mr. Mark Oliver/Miss Louise Huby
Year 3 (SH) Mrs. Sue Haine/Mr. Ian Brown
Year 3 (SA)   Mrs. Sarah Anderson/Mr. Ian Brown
Year 4      Mrs. Katie Hargreaves
Year 5 Miss Rebecca Harrison/Miss Louise Huby
Year 6       Mrs. Monique James

Learning Support Assistants      

  • Mrs. Kristin Couley (Reception)
  • Miss Megan Ward (Reception)
  • Mrs. Anya Deacon (Reception)
  • Mrs. Mandy Hussey (Year 1) 
  • Mrs. Tracey Ovenden (Year 1)
  • Mrs. Emma Le Monnier (Year 2 and KS2)
  •  Mrs. Claire Lowe (KS2)

Nursery Officers                     

  • Ms. Chris Morin
  •  Mrs. Cat Sims

Lunchtime Supervisors

  • Mrs. Theresa Prouse
  • Mrs. Mandy Hussey,
  • Mrs. Emma Le Monnier,
  •  Mrs. Claire Lowe, 
  • Mrs. Tracey Ovenden,
  • Mrs. Kerry Ainslie - Dodd
  •  Miss Megan Ward,
  • Mrs. Anya Deacon,
  • Mrs. Lisa Phillips               

School Secretary                       

  • Mrs. Debbie Francis


  • Mr. Joe Hollywood