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Mont Nicolle Primary School and Nursery

Mont Nicolle

Primary School & Nursery

Our Staff


Headteacher          Mrs. Lisa Paul
Deputy Headteacher Mrs. Jade Richardson
Foundation Leader Mrs. Sarah Dewhurst
Key Stage 1 Phase Leader Miss Megan Le Feuvre
Key Stage 2  Phase Leader Miss. Rebecca Harrison
Wellbeing, Learning & Pastoral Manager Mrs. Carol Godfray
SENCO Mrs. Carol Godfray
Nursery Teacher      Mrs. Sarah Dewhurst
Reception  Teacher Mr. James Miles
Year 1        Mrs. Rebecca Elias-Rees
Year 2   Miss. Megan Le Feuvre
Year 3 Miss. Abbie Jandron
Year 4 Miss. Natasha Simon
Year 5 Mrs. Monique James
Year 6   Mrs. Johanna Campbell & Mrs Miranda Michel
Year 6 Mrs Rebecca Reed

Learning Support Assistants      

  • Mrs. Kristin Couley (Reception)
  • Mrs Theresa Prouse (Nursery)
  • Mrs Anya Deacon 
  •  Mrs. Claire Lowe
  • Miss Aimee Le Gresley 
  • Mr. Jack Brady 
  • Mrs Tracey Ovenden

Nursery Officers                     

  • Mrs. Sophie Slous 
  •  Mrs. Catriona Sims

Lunchtime Supervisors

  • Mrs. Theresa Prouse
  • Mrs Kristin Couley
  • Mrs Cat Sims
  •  Mrs. Claire Lowe 
  • Mrs. Anya Deacon
  • Mrs. Carol Godfray
  • Miss. Aimee Le Gresley    
  • Mr. Jack Brady

School Secretary                       

  • Mrs. Jennifer Stannard


  • Mr. Michael Dottore