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Mont Nicolle Primary School and Nursery

Mont Nicolle

Primary School & Nursery

School Uniform

We want our children to be proud of their uniform.  It should be smart, practical and distinctive, and must also be able to be purchased reasonably. 


The school tie, the knitwear with the logo and the sun hats and polo shirt with the logo can be purchased from J.S.S.K at Les Quennevais (   At present this is only  company that have access to our  uniform logo that includes our school name.


All staff are expected to wear smart and appropriate clothing in line with our expectations for the children.  On days when P.E is being taught it is expected that staff will wear appropriate P.E clothing.  Appropriate clothing is also expected for trips out of school and for practical learning activities.


  • A white formal shirt (long or short sleeved)
  • A school tie (elastic or regular (certainly regular by Yr 5/6))
  • A royal blue v-neck jumper or a royal blue cardigan with the school logo
  • A grey knee-length school skirt, pinafore dress or plain grey school trousers
  • White socks/Grey socks/Grey tights
  • Plain, flat, sensible black school shoes (no trainers or ‘ballet’ style pumps)


  • A blue and white checked dress or grey school trousers or school shorts
  • A white formal shirt (long or short sleeved) OR a white polo shirt (logo optional)
  • A royal blue v-neck jumper or a royal blue cardigan with the school logo
  • A school tie (with formal shirts only)
  • White/grey ankle socks
  • Plain, flat, sensible black school shoes or closed sandals (no trainers, ‘ballet’ style pumps or ‘strappy’ sandals)
  • A sun hat.  School sunhats can be purchased from JSSK with the school logo, but these are optional.  These are blue and come in three styles- baseball cap or legionnaires cap or round sun hat.

General Items: 

  • Hairbands should be blue, white or navy. Long hair has to be tied back at all times.
  • Outdoor coats should be a sensible style and colour and weather resistant.  We try to allow all the children time out in the fresh air every day, whatever the weather.
  • Umbrellas are not suitable for school.
  • For safety reasons, apart from a watch and stud earrings, jewellery is not allowed to be worn in school.
  • Hair colour and style should be school appropriate.

All items of school uniform must be clearly marked with your child’s name.

Physical Education

Physical Education is a compulsory part of the school curriculum.  It is very important that the children always take part and are dressed appropriately for Health and Safety reasons.  

Children will come to school wearing their P.E kit on P.E days.  Your child’s class teacher will keep you informed as to which days these will be.

P.E. Kit:

  • A royal blue sports top (available from JSSK) or a white polo t-shirt
  • Navy blue shorts
  • White socks
  • Trainers
  • A school tracksuit (from year 1 upwards, optional for Reception)
  • A named drawstring bag to keep their kit in

Children with stud earrings and wearing watches will be asked to remove them for P.E. sessions.  If they are unable to remove their earrings, please arrange for them not to be worn on P.E days.  Staff will not be able to remove them or replace them.

If a child’s ears have only just been pierced, a letter needs to be sent to the teacher, and tape provided to cover the earrings for P.E. lessons.  This is only acceptable for the first 6 weeks after they have been pierced.  Pierced ears are best done in July so that the whole of the summer break is available for possible infections to heal.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

We have a second hand uniform shop, which is run by our PTA.  Parents often bring us unwanted items in ‘as new’ condition to sell on to other parents.  If you need to replace items of uniform, it is always worth checking this out first as it will save you a lot of money.