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Mont Nicolle Primary School and Nursery

Mont Nicolle

Primary School & Nursery


Mont Nicolle School is a caring and friendly school which prides itself on enabling children to flourish and achieve high standards across all areas of learning.   We believe in catering for and developing children’s well-being as well as their achievement.

Our collective Core Values underpin everything that we do as a community, staff, children and parents. 

  • We are a caring school. 
  • We believe in ourselves and each other.
  • We strive for and celebrate success in all that we do and for every child.  

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people

and require all staff and volunteers to share the commitment.

What do our Core Values stand for?

What is Care about? 


We care for ourselves and for others.

We believe CARE is about:

  • Safety- We make the school as safe as possible, and teach the children about how to look after themselves and each other, physically and emotionally.  We have a collective responsibility to ensure we keep children safe in and around school, including on the school drive.
  • Respect- We value and respect everyone in our community, and teach our children to respect themselves and others.
  • Politeness- We teach children to be polite and have good manners.  We model this in our communication with each other too.
  • Honesty- We teach children to tell the truth, even when they have made mistakes or done something that is wrong. We are truthful and professional in our communication with each other and with parents, even when we have to communicate tricky messages.  We want our parents to be open and honest with us too.
  • Responsibility- We teach children to be responsible for their actions, and to look after themselves, their belongings and their own and the school’s property.  We model this in our behaviour too and take responsibility for our actions.  We have to expect children to be responsible from a young age, or children will become dependent rather than independent.
  • Inclusiveness- We try to ensure that all children feel valued and included in our school, and celebrate and learn from cultural, religious and other differences.  We ensure everyone’s contribution is valued and celebrate their unique role and contribution to our community.  We actively promote Children’s Voice.  We are a Rights Respecting School.

What is Believe about? 


We believe in ourselves and in each other.

We think BELIEF is about:

  • Perseverance: We encourage children to keep on trying and not give up.  We will persevere to ensure every child makes the best possible progress and has the best possible education.
  • Enthusiasm: We want children to enjoy learning and be enthusiastic about learning.  We love being in school and aim to make each lesson an engaging and motivating experience.  Enthusiasm breeds more of the same!
  • Independence: We want children to become increasingly independent and self-motivated learners.  Ultimately they will be making their own choices in life and so we need to ensure they become self-sufficient and autonomous, with all of the skills they need, and the determination to succeed.   
  • Confidence:  We want children to become confident in their views and thoughts so they can contribute effectively, and challenge themselves.  We need to model this for children by being confident to contribute our views and challenge ourselves too.
  • Resilience: When things go wrong, we need to recognise this, learn from mistakes, pick ourselves up, and not dwell on things too much.  Keep calm and carry on!
  • High Expectations: We have high expectations for every single child and expect them to progress well and achieve.  We have high expectations of each other as staff and as members of the community and talk things through when things are not going as well as we would like in order to find solutions, but not accept lower standards.

What is Succeed about? 


We believe everyone should ‘taste’ success, both individually and also as a community.

We think SUCCESS is about:

  • Organisation: We teach children to be organised and responsible for their own things.  This only happens when we let them do things for themselves and help them take responsibility for themselves.  We need to ensure we are organised and tidy so that the school looks professional and well-presented.
  • Pride: We promote pride in the school and the local community.  We promote a sense of belonging, and ensure both staff and children represent the high standards that we expect in our appearance and conduct.  We are often the proudest of those achievements that were the hardest to attain. 
  • Achievement: We ensure every child achieves as well as is possible and feels proud and can celebrate their successes, no matter how large or small.  We give time to celebrate children’s achievements, and also celebrate our own achievements.
  • Collaboration: We teach collaborative skills so that children can work effectively and productively as a team and community member.  We teach skills such as leadership, organisation and decision making.  We need to work in collaboration between home and school to ensure we do what is best for each child.
  • Practise: We recognise that the best way to get better at something is to keep doing it!  We instil this in our children so that they realise it is less about ‘natural talent’ and more about ‘practising skills’.  That is how we become expert…even when practise is hard work! We promote a ‘growth mindset’ in school and actively dispel ‘fixed mindset’ language.
  • Creativity: We teach and promote creativity.  We celebrate diversity of approach and encourage children to be creative thinkers.  We value differing views and ideas and reflect on them.